Montrose - Rock Candy

Montrose - Rock Candy

"Rock Candy" is a song by Montrose, the last song written and recorded for their 1973 debut. It was composed by all four members of the band. The song still gets performed on Sammy Hagar's solo tours and even had been re-recorded as the b-side to the Hagar single "Little White Lie" by the original band. It was also included on Hagar's live release Live: Hallelujah. The song is well known for its distinctive drum intro played by Denny Carmassi. According to Ronnie Montrose in radio interviews, the song originated from Carmassi's experimentation with alternatives to Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham's intro to "When the Levee Breaks".


Lord! Oh, yeah When you need a friend through thick and thin Don't look to those above you When you're down and out, ain't no doubt Nobody wants you But you're rock candy baby Hard, sweet and sticky Rock candy baby Hard, sweet and sticky When you're seventeen reachin' for your dreams Don't let no one reach it for you Pull up your pants, Stretch out take a chance If it can be done, you can do it

'Cause you're rock candy baby You're hard, sweet and sticky, yes Rock candy baby So hard, sweet and sticky oh

Sweet , so sweet You're rock candy baby Hard, sweet and sticky, yes You, you're rock candy baby Hard, sweet and sticky You are sweet You're candy baby Hard, sweet and sticky Lord you are so You're a candy baby oh Hard, sweet and sticky

Songwriters: Ronnie Montrose / Sammy Hagar Rock Candy lyrics © Warner Chappell Music, Inc, Records On The Wall, Inc